Many organizations are beginning to rethink their capacity development strategies and align them with the current realities and expectations of the future. We now see a natural pull towards online and digital learning. As a result, organizations are searching frantically for the best fit digital learning solution /provider.

While there are a lot of free e-Learning resources available, it is our professional view that forward-looking organizations undertaking business aligned learning projects should take a structured approach to making informed choices. This will enable them to provide curated learning that can be measured/managed to achieve the desired impact on their employees. To assist you make the right decision in adopting an effective digital learning strategy, we have articulated a few signposts that can guide you accordingly: 

  • Keep a business perspective 
    Do not view trainings as just another requirement and enroll your staff for just any program. Instead, register them for high-quality learning interventions. Focus on the proposed outcomes of the trainings and ensure they will add value to the staff and consequently, your business.
  • Marketing provides visibility
    Let project sponsors, management and your target audience know what you have planned and how it will assist them to accomplish their goals.
  • Partner with the best
    You need a vendor who will act in partnership to increase your organization’s performance. Your joint focus should be on the transfer of learning to performance, not just delivery of a sophisticated learning platform or content. 
  • Measure what matters
    Agree on what your returns on investment and experience will be and track the outcomes accordingly.

In deploying digital learning, you should frame your “what, how and why” in the context of your workplace and business needs. This will help you determine quickly if a Digital Learning vendor has the best solution for your organization, and whether they have the right qualification to enter a learning partnership with you. The following questions provide a guide to a readiness assessment towards deploying the right strategy for learning and performance within your organization.

1. What is the digital readiness level in my organization?

2. What value will digital learning bring to my organization?

3. How will digital learning reduce scrap learning (learning that has occurred but never used in a way that improves employee performance)

4. How do we select the right content?

5. Should we buy or build Content?

6. How can I achieve the right blended learning ratio?

7. How do we ensure the success of our digital learning program?

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